4 Tips for Finding a Quality Tax Resolution Service

If you're experiencing challenges with personal or business taxes, a tax accountant can help you resolve these issues in a timely manner. Tax complications occur more often than you might think, as many Australians struggle with backdated taxes, unfiled returns or money owed to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). There are numerous consequences of failing to file your taxes on time. The ATO may impose fines on any amount owed, and they may even seize or freeze your assets. [Read More]

Options You Should Consider When Searching For a Tax Preparer

Do you know that a right tax preparer can save you lots of money on your taxes? This is the reason you have to be careful as you choose the expert who will lodge your tax returns. However, finding the right option isn't easy – you need to know key details about the options you have to make an informed choice. For instance, someone who is lodging a simple return may handle everything on their own or use tax software, but if you run a big corporation, the services of tax accountants will be needed. [Read More]

How to Account for Trust Funds Properly

Do you run your own business within the real estate industry? You may be relatively new to this sector and still figuring out various office procedures, so you may not be on top of your accounting as yet. As part of your work, you often have to hold money in trust on behalf of your clients, but you should be particularly careful in handling this. What do you need to consider? [Read More]

What Are Some of the Biggest Bookkeeping Mistakes Made by New Business Owners?

Are you somebody who pays attention to detail, or do you tend to wing it, especially when it comes to numbers? It's okay to answer either way, as people are generally tuned towards one answer or the other simply because of their personality. If you're a relatively new business owner and you're definitely not detail oriented, then you may be less than attentive to bookkeeping matters. This is something that you do need to pay attention to, however, as you will need to account for your operation in due course and may find it difficult otherwise. [Read More]